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PodCast Recording

JAMBOX Media Services
offers a range of audio and music services at:
JAMBOX Entertainment Studios

Many have named us
'NYC's Most Versatile Audio and Music Recording Studios'


We also have a very convenient Midtown Location (hmmm)

​JAMBOX MEDIA SERVICES NYC's Most Versatile Audio And Recording Services

JAMBOX Media Services is a range of services offered at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios. Services include but are not limited to:

• Podcasting

• Audiobook Recording

• Voice-Over recordings

...and more get the idea!

a Midtown Manhattan based multi faceted Recording Studio and music entertainment company.


We offer 2 complete sound studios with Iso-Booths, top of the line microphones, high end signal processing, complete digital and analog functioning and a variety of unique music, sound, and audio offerings.

We service small businesses and individuals who have a need for 'anything audio' in sound recording.


Head Honchos

Lee Evans

- CEO/ Co-Owner

- Musician

- Head Engineer

- Instructor/Mentor

Cathy Palmisano

-  Co-Owner

- Admin Director

- Business affairs

- Staffing and Personnel


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